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  D310100   WSM Plastic Divider
  D310110 337859 End Guide Clamp
N/A D314001 322552 Selvage Movable Blade  
N/A D314002 322553 Selvage Movable Blade  
N/A D314003 471105 Weft C/T Movable Blade  
N/A D314004 471188 Selvage C/T Fixed Blade  
N/A D314005 471198 Selvage C/T Fixed Blade  
N/A D314006 472054 Weft C/T Fixed Blade  
  D314020 705804 Temple Scissors, LH
  D314021 705805 Temple Scissors, RH
  D314025 861389 Weft Scissors, LH
  D315001 D1005 Nozzle 1-Hole
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