Model GET Part # Replaces # Description Image
LW N780001 KN-51800 Seat Prin  
LW N780002 L3-55221-0 Flange low-in  
LW N780003 L3-84050-0 Shaft - Main 210  
LW N780004 L5-22840-0 Cap Lift Lever  
LW N780005 L5-31060- Heddle Frame Guide  
LW N780006 L5-45380-0 Mc Nylon 21 Tooth Gear  
LW N780007 Y2-77924-0A Harness Sheave  
LW N780008 Y4-54809-001 Collar / Chain Disc  
LW N780009 Y7-103120-4 Disc - Chain  
LW N780010 Y7-10320-04 Disc - Chain  
LW N780011 Y7-10316 Rivet-A  
LW N780012 Y7-103170-B Rivet-B  
LW N780013 PO-57093-0 Bushing  
LW N780014 L3-84051-0 Shaft - Main 210  
LW N780015 Y7-10012-22 Cam-main  
LW N780016 Y4-55449-00 Turnbuckle  
LW N780017 Y7-15988-J4 Turnbuckle  
LW N780018 Y7-15187-14 Shaft-Rope Guide  
LW N780019 P7-02039-0 Cross End Spring  
LW N780020 Y7-10313-14 Jack Lever Chain  
LW N780021 G7400 Pottet Valve Plunger  
LW N780022 N/A Pick Gear - per tooth  
LW N780023 N/A Pulley / Small  
LW N780024 N/A Pulley / Large  
LW N780025 GI-1204 Separator Block  
LW N780026 Y7-15188-03 Shaft Guide Roll  
LW N780027 F-193-825-00 Shaft  
LW N780028 LF-02950-0 Worm Shaft  
LW N780029 L3-21161-0 Wheel / Let-off Worm  
LW N780030 L5-53780-0 Seat Valve  
LW N780031 A1-41010-0 Gear Ct / Leno  
LW N780032 A1-46251-0 Guide / Disc Grip  
LW N780033 A0-175420 Spring / Cutter L.H.  
LW N780034 A1-51540-0 Pin / Cam Follower  
LW N780035 A0-4A130-0 Gear / Planetary  
LW N780036 PO-57102-0 Bushing  
LW N780037 U 14 U 740 Reversing Circular Rack  
LW N780038 U 14 U 977 Gear Y3 Zero Max Rev. Se Tor  
LW N780039 085 5000 Shaft  
LW N780040 AG 513 100 Foot - A00 Valve Kit  
LW N780041 EP-03343-0 Pump Plunger Kit - Ceramic - 18 mm  
LW N780042 UO1-6000-4 Bearing - 6000 lb  
LW N780043 LE-02202-0 Bearing Assembly - Yarn Beam  
LW N780044 EP-B10A0-0 Pump Cam  
LW N780045 EL-00602-0 Spring Tension W/Ceramic  
LW N780046 ED-00861-0 Cutter  
LW N780047 DD-E0201-0 Ceramic Cutter  
LW N780048 ED-00461-0 Cutter Hook, LH  
LW N780049 L5-31282-0 Joint Shed  
LW N780050 EP-03642-0 Pump Plunger Kit - Ceramic - 24 mm  
LW N780051 L5-50290-0 Roller Assembly  
LW N780052 N102 Pump Plunger Kit - Ceramic - 16mm  
LW N780053 GP-A0901-0 Valve Seat  
LW N780054 EN-M8001-0 Gripper Cam A  
LA - LW550 N780055 EN-M8101-0 Gripper Cam B  
LA - LW550 N780056 EK-050B3-0 Holder Assy/Bob  
LA - LW550 N780057 EK-D61A0-0 Hook - Spring A  
LA - LW550 N780058 EK-052A1-0 Holder Assy - YN GD  
LA - LW550 N780059 P0-42036-0 Bush - 050855  
LA - LW550 N780060 EK-054A1-0 Lever Assy - Stop  
LA - LW550 N780061 EK-D65A2-0 Pin - Stopper  
LA - LW550 N780062 EK-D58A0-0 Shaft - Stop Lev  
LA - LW550 N780063 P7-01224-0 Guide YN B  
LA - LW550 N780064 EK-D59A0-0 Spacer - GD Hol  
LW N780065 EK-D50A1-0 Frame  
LA - LW550 N780066 EK-D60A1-0 Spring - Leno  
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