Model GET Part # Replaces # Description Image
Omni P350002 P157681 Bottom Guide Rod  
Omni P350005 P154632 Top Harness Guide - Impregnated  
Omni P350006 P154632 Top Harness Guide - Black Std  
Omni P350008 B158018 Harness Frame Guide - Wood  
Omni P350012 F33207952 Harness DRC Rod Connector  
Omni P350014 F29446426 DRC Connector, 265mm  
Omni P350016 F18385204 Connector, Trans Lever  
Omni P350108 BE83038 Weft Detector  
Omni P350110 BE151312 Cable for Weft Detector  
Omni P350114 B165329 Cable Clip for Detector Cable  
Omni P350134 N109026 Bulb, 24V 3W  
Omni P350151 310354 Turn Sensor, also 310858, 310689  
Omni P350154 IRO1001 Pin Only  
  P350155A   Tension Device  
  P350155B   Tension Device  
  P350155C   Tension Device  
Omni P350155D 40-0172 Disc Tensioner Complete  
Omni P350156 400277 Perforated Disc for IRO Tensioner  
  P350157 400166 Knob for IRO Tensioner  
Omni P350158 900-6145 Ceramic Guide for IRO Tensioner  
Omni P350159 07-5015 Spring for IRO Tensioner  
Omni P350160 BE303600 Finger for PFT, Complete  
Omni P350162 5100055 Thread-up Hook, Wht for Iro Feeder  
Omni P350163 610001 Thread-up Hook Orange  
Omni P350172 332382 Divider, Plastic for WSM  
Omni P350178 B154838 Oil Pump  
Omni P350183 BE55989 Proximity Switch  
Omni P350185 B150370 Cross Coupling Complete  
Omni P350186 B150371 Cross Coupling, Rubber Only  
Omni P350188 B157759 Plastic Cross  
Omni P350203   Individual Parts for Independent Selvage are Available  
  P350204 B160785 Guide  
  P350205 B158424 Harness Frame  
  P350206 B157886 Rod  
  P350207 B153714 Crank Arm  
  P352001 B51885 Tuck-in Needle LH  
  P352002 B51886 Tuck-in Needle RH  
PAT P354001 B82915 Cutter


PAT P354002 B82916 Cutter  
Omni Delta P354007 B151062 Cutter Blade  
Omni P354008 B151063 Cutter  
Omni P354009 BE150956 Cutter Blade


Omni P354013 B151761 Cutter Blade  
  P354015 B163164 Cutter  
  P354016 B163175 Cutter  
Omni P354020 BE154242 Step Motor for Cutter  
Omni P355004   Auxiliary Nozzle, 19 Hole, Spun, w/o Holder  
Omni P355006   Auxiliary Nozzle, 19 Hole, Filament, w/o Holder  
Omni P355007 BE154031 Auxiliary Nozzle, 19 Hole with Holder  
Omni P355012 B157673 Holder for Auxiliary Nozzle  
Omni P355014 A152364 MN Valve Base w/Coil & w/o Motor  
PAT P355016 B157568 Plunger for MN Valve  
PAT P355017 N/A 19 Holes with Aluminum Holder  
  P355018 B152144 Plunger for Relay Valve  
Omni P355022 B93905 Tube for Fixed Main Nozzle  
Omni P355024 B92066 Ceramic Tip for B93905  
Omni P355025 B93895 O-Ring  
Omni P355032 BE151983 Tube for Main Nozzle  
Pat P355034 BE89779 Main Nozzle Tube  




Inlet Funnel, Cylindrical


Omni P355045   Inlet Funnel,  Conical  
Omni Delta P356002 BE150262 Bobbin Holder Assy, Std   
Omni P356003 B157606 Bobbin Holder Assy, Heavy, LH/RH  
Omni Delta P356006 BE150168 Leno Bobbin Plastic - 15mm, 19mm  
Omni Delta P356008 B155344 Bobbin Bush  
Omni Delta P356009 B156047 Bobbin Pin - Plastic  
Omni Delta P356010 B155954 Leno Pin - Steel  
Omni Delta P356011 B156023 Leno Spring - Green/Yellow/Orange/Blue  
Omni Delta P356021 B156123 Bobbin Holder Frame  
Omni Delta P356022 B155941 Slide Bearing  
Omni Delta P356023 B155942 Nut, M10 for Slide Bearing  
Omni Delta P356025 B156227 Safety Plate  
Omni Delta P356028 B156114 Spindle Stop   
Omni Delta P356029 BE150692 Support or Spoon  
Omni Delta P356030 BE151208 Ratchet Lever Assy  
Omni Delta P356031 BE151732 Yarn Guide Lever Assy  
Omni Delta P356032 BE151776 Yarn Guide Wire w/ Magnet  
Omni Delta P356033 B156114 Clip Spring / Stay Shaft  
Omni Delta P356034 B152535 Stop Shaft / Thrust Shaft  
  P356035 B156573 Spring Washer  
Omni P356061 BA300306 Leno Cover RH  
Omni P356062 BA300305 Leno Cover LH  
Omni P356064 B158844 Latch Clip  
Omni P356065 B155233 Ceramic Plate  
Omni P356067 B159890 Shaft  
Omni P356068 N1150472 Cup Spring  
Omni P356070 B152840 Ceramic Guide  
  P356072 BE153071 Spring (Tension Guide)  
Omni P356074 BE152624 Sensor for Leno  
Omni P356102   Individual Parts for Leno Drive are Available  
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