Model GET Part # Replaces # Description Image
GTM-AS P250003 B52373 Wedge


GTM-AS P250004 B52945 Clip Holder  
GTM-AS P250007 B53402 Flexible Wedge  
GTM-AS P250008 B53517 Plate  
GTM-AS P250009 B54121 Guide Piece  
GTM-AS P250010 B54133 Gripper Body, RH  
GTM-AS P250011 B54159 Gripper Shell, LH  
GTM-AS P250012 B54638 Connecting Piece, RH   
GTM-AS P250013 B34637 Connecting Piece, LH B54135  
GTM-AS P250015 B54701 Guide Hook AS Double  
GTM-AS P250016 B54723 Drive Wheel  
GTM-AS P250017 B24725 Drive Wheel  
GTM-AS P250018 B54757 Guide Small, Black  
GTM-AS P250019 B54759 Guide Large, Black  
GTM-AS P250030 B55007 Tape, LH 190cm  
GTM-AS P250031 B55008 Tape, RH 190cm  
GTM P250032 B90765 Brake Pad  
GTM P250033 B152531 Collar Nut


GTM P250034 B72056 Bushing  
GTM P250035 B72057 Stud Screw  
GTM-AS P250040 B80378 Lever RH  
GTM P250041 B80738 Spring  
GTM P250042 B80788 Spring  
GTM-AS P250043 B80867 Spacer  
GTM P250044 B81125 Lever  
GTM P250045 B81820 Gripper Complete RH  
GTM P250046 B81939 Gripper Complete LH  
GTM-AS P250047 B82519 Pusher  
GTM P250048 B82695 Shaft  
GTM-AS P250049 B82711 Shaft  
GTM-AS P250060 B82728 Shaft  
GTM-AS P250061 B163575 Clamping Piece  
GTM-AS P250062 B82972 Thread Holder RH, Std  
GTM-AS P250063 B82976 Gripper Complete, RH, Hvy 1-groove  
GTM-AS P250064 B82977 Gripper Complete RH  
GTM P250065 B83108 Spring Holder  
GTM-AS P250066 B83246 Opener  
GTM-AS P250067 B83581 Thread Clip  
GTM P250068 B84151 Gripper Body RH GTX  
GTM P250069 B84468 Guide Fiber RH  
GTM P250070 B84471 Guide Fiber LH  
GTM P250080 B84693 Bushing RH  
GTM P250081 B84735 Spring  
GTM P250082 B85044 Pin / Beam Gear  
GTM P250083 B85142 Opener  
GTM P250084 B85524 Clamp GTM Gripper  
GTM P250085 B85525 Clamp GTM Gripper  
GTM P250086 B87107 Clamp GTM Gripper  
GTM P250087 B85751 Spring Holder  
GTM P250088 B85759 Shaft  
GTM P250089 B85902 Yarn Beam Bearing Cap  
GTM P250100 B87421 Leno Spring  
GTM P250101 B87536 Bushing RH  
GTM-AS P250102 B87596 Spring Holder  
GTM-AS P250103 B87598 Bush  
GTM-AS P250104 B87614 Spring Weak RH  
GTM-AS P250105 B87615 Spring Strong RH  
GTM-AS P250106 B87654 Spring Std RH  
GTM P250107 B87792 Opener  
GTM P250108 B87908A Guide Hook  
GTM P250109 B87908B Guide Hook, Black  
GTM-AS P250110 B88448 Bush RH  
GTM-AS P250120 B88454 Eccentric Bush  
GTM-AS P250121 B88455 Plate  
GTM P250122 B88673 Guide Plastic RH  
GTM P250123 B88674 Guide Plastic LH  
GTM P250124 B89160 Bush LH  
GTM P250125 B89187 Opener  
GTM-AS P250126 B95821 Spring Catchcord  
GTM P250127 B24236 Check Spring Holder Stud  
GTM P250128 B52029A Spacer for Clutch  
GTM P250129 B92566-190 Cloth Roll Aluminum  
GTM P250140 B81614 Spring Holder  
GTM P250141 B83110 Spring  
GTM P250142 B84854 Bushing  
GTM P250143 B86136 Bushing  
GTM P250144 B85747 Bushing  
GTM P250145 B88639 Hook for RH Gripper  
GTM-AS P250146 B99015 Screw for RH Hook  
GTM-AS P250147 B53296 Single Guide Hook, No Thread  
GTM-AS P250148 B53297 Single Guide Hook, Thread  
GTM-AS P250149   Solid Wedge, 1 Groove  
GTM-AS P250150 B55657 Solid Wedge, 3 Groove  
GTM-AS P250160 B82729S Bush - Cloth Roll, Square  
GTM-AS P250161 A151980 Quickstep Needle  
GTM-AS P250162 B103488 Ceramic Shaft  
GTM-AS P250163 B9677 Bush  
GTM P250164 B96136 Bushing  
GTM-AS P250165 B83116 Thread Holder RH, 3 Groove  
GTM-AS P250166 B82971 Thread Holder RH, 1 Groove  
GTM-AS P250167 B83117 Gripper Complete RH, 3 Groove  
GTM-AS P250168 B87611 Bush for RH Thread Holder  
GTM P250169 B92331 Brake Band  
GTM-AS P250180 B54686 Opener  
GTM P250181 B51621 Spring Clip  
GTM-AS P250182 B87597 Spring Std, LH  
GTM-AS P250183 B91252 Spring Clip for Warp Stop Motion  
GTM-AS P250184 B82978 GTX Thread Holder, RH  
GTM-AS P250185 B54512 B54638 Connecting Piece  
GTM P254001 B85366 Shaft Cutter  
GTM-AS P254002 B52246 Movable Cutter  
GTM P254003 B84153 Cutter Blade  
GTM P254004 B84154 Cutter Blade  
GTM P254005 B87958 Movable Cutter  
GTM P254006 B87961 Fixed Cutter  
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