Model GET Part # Replaces # Description Image
  PG230001 PBO13640 Gripper LH PG230001.jpg (61562 bytes)
  PG230002 PBO13619 Gripper LH PG230002.jpg (23608 bytes)
  PG230003 PBO13604 Gripper RH PG230003.jpg (64366 bytes)
PG230005 PBO10595 Gripper, LH PG230005.jpg (28596 bytes)
  PG230006 PBO10136 Gripper RH PG230010.JPG (36617 bytes)
  PG230007 PBO38967 Gripper Cover for PBO13619 PG230012.jpg (40848 bytes)
  PG230008 PBO38958 Gripper Cover for PBO13619 PG230008.jpg (34160 bytes)
PG230009 PBO38999 Cover for PBO13640 PG230009.jpg (23560 bytes)
TP500 PG230012 PNO13827 Gripper RH PG230012.jpg (21027 bytes)
TP500 PG230013 PNO13826 Gripper LH PG230013.jpg (21162 bytes)
PG230014 PBO13609 Gripper RH, TP600 PG230014.jpg (14979 bytes)
PG230015 PBO13432 Gripper RH, Fast PG230015.jpg (29800 bytes)
  PG230021 PBO106082000 Ribbon Complete, 200cm Pg230021.jpg (9288 bytes)
  PG230022 PBO106082200 Ribbon Complete, 220cm Pg230021.jpg (9288 bytes)
  PG230024 PBO106082400 Ribbon Complete, 240cm Pg230021.jpg (9288 bytes)
  PG230025 PBO106082600 Ribbon Complete, 260cm Pg230021.jpg (9288 bytes)
  PG230027 PBO106082900 Ribbon Complete, 290cm Pg230021.jpg (9288 bytes)
  PG230028 PAP86859 M2 x 4 Screw  PG230028.JPG (19161 bytes)
ALL PG230029 PG1001 Screw 3x10 PG238029.jpg (20368 bytes) 
TP500 PG230030 FNX03032 Washer  PG230030.jpg (17624 bytes)
PG230040 PBS63778 Guide for Rail PG230040.jpg (30717 bytes)
PG230041 PAQ44072 17mm Locking Nut PG230041.jpg (30529 bytes)

PG230054 PRO46631 Hook for RHGripper  PG230024.JPG (7202 bytes)
  PG230104 PBZ53941 List PG230104.jpg (51464 bytes)
  PG230201 PBO29203 Arm Harrow Stop PG230201.jpg (68649 bytes)
  PG230206 PAT34294 Brass Gear PG230206.jpg (47646 bytes)
  PG230208 PAQ53672 25 Tooth Gear PG230208.jpg (101232 bytes)
  PG230209 PBQ53673 29 Tooth Gear PG230209.jpg (50828 bytes)
  PG230212 PBP72175 Support PG230212.jpg (80447 bytes)
  PG230214 PBOHCN16040 Bolt w/Lock Washer PG230214.jpg (37941 bytes)
  PG230302 PBZ51795 Blade, Weft Release PG230302.JPG (38087 bytes)
  PG232002 PBQ25019 Tucking Needle LH PG232002.JPG (25419 bytes)
  PG232003 PBQ25020 Tucking Needle RH PG232003.JPG (26346 bytes)
  PG232007 PAQ56859


Tension Pad 1.0 PG232007.jpg (41205 bytes)
  PG232008 PAQ56860


Tension Pad 1.5 PG232007.jpg (41205 bytes)
  PG232009 PNR1776-20 Tension Pad 2.0  PG232007.jpg (41205 bytes)
  PG234001 PAP39312 Lower Cutter Blade PG234001.JPG (47923 bytes)
  PG234002 PAP39314 Upper Cutter Blade PG234002.jpg (30369 bytes)
PG234003 PNO51720 Lower Cutter Blade
PG234004 PNO51722 Upper Cutter Blade
PG234005 PBO38528 Tuck-in Cutter, RH Lg PG234005.jpg (22634 bytes)
PG234006 PBO38527 Tuck-in Cutter, LH Lg PG234006.jpg (22789 bytes)
PG234007 PBO38531 Tuck-in Cutter, LH Sml PG234007.jpg (21777 bytes)
PG234008 PBO38532 Tuck-in Cutter, RH Sml PG234008.jpg (19455 bytes)
  PG237002 PBO17175 Guide Block 9-Tooth RH PG237002.jpg (73644 bytes)
  PG237003 PBO17177 Guide Block 9-Tooth PG237003.jpg (63682 bytes)
  PG237004 PBO17176 Guide Block 9-Tooth LH PG237004.jpg (64912 bytes)
  PG237005 PBO17178 Guide Block 6-Tooth Wide Gauge PG237005.jpg (62966 bytes)
  PG237007 PBO19152 Guide Block 6-Tooth PG237007.jpg (53619 bytes)
  PG238015 PBP42800 Plate Washer PG238015.jpg (19728 bytes)
  PG238016 PBO55293 Plate Spring  
  PG238017 PBP51739 Weft Gripper Device PG238017.JPG (11891 bytes)
TP500 PG238019 PBP55311 Weft Gripper Device  PG238019.jpg (14205 bytes)
  PG238020 PBP55422 Weft Gripper Spring  PG238020.jpg (20066 bytes)
TP500 PG238021 PBP83777 Plate Pg238021.jpg (10764 bytes)
TP500 PG238022 PBP55445 Spring Plate  PG238022.jpg (16903 bytes)
TP500 PG238023 PBP51730 Weft Gripper Device Blade  PG230023.JPG (7350 bytes)
PG238025 PBOHLW25 Screw PG238025.jpg (25720 bytes)
PG238026 PBO34024 Threaded Bush PG238026.jpg (30109 bytes)


PG238040 PBZ64185 Plate for TP500  PG238040.jpg (15728 bytes)
PG238041 PBO51785 Weft Gripping Device Blade PG238041.jpg (22663 bytes)
PG238042 PBZ42725 Plastic Plate for PBO13604 PG238042.jpg (25047 bytes)
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