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N385067 N/A Single hole 1.5 - M6  
N385068 N/A Single hole 1.2 - M6  
N385069 N/A Single hole 1.5 - M8 Copper sleeve w/ tail  
N385070 N/A Double holes 1 - M8 Copper sleeve w/ tail  
N385071 N/A With Alum. holder & quick connect  
N385072 N/A W/o Alum. holder but with quick connect  
P355040 N/A Single hole - with Alum. holder  
P355041 N/A Slot hole - with Alum. holder  
P355042 N/A PAT Slot hole - w/o Alum. holder  
P355043 N/A PAT Slot hole - with Alum. Holder  
P355044 N/A Star hole (PAT) - with Alum. holder  
P355045 N/A Star hole (PAT) - w/o Alum. holder  
P355046 N/A 9 holes - with Alum. holder  
P355047 N/A 7 holes - with Alum. holder  
P355049 N/A Omni-19 holes - w/ Copper hole & nut - coating Titanium  
P355050 N/A PAT-19 holes - w/o Alum. holder  
P355051 N/A Omni-19 holes - with Coppper hole - rolling fiower  
P355052 N/A DELTA-19 holes w/o Alum. holder  
P355053 N/A DELTA-19 holes with Alum. holder  
P355054 N/A DELTA Single Hole Nozzle  
P355055 N/A PAT-19 holes - with Alum. holder  
R345210 N/A 19 hole - w/ Alum. Holder - coat Titanium  
R345211 N/A 19 hole - w/o holder - coating Titanium  
TS365050 N/A Single hole 1.5 - M8  
TS365051 N/A Single hole 1.5 - M6  
TS365052 N/A Single hole 1.5 - M8 - Nitrogen harding  
TS365052-T N/A Single hole 1.5 - M8 - Teflon coat  
TS365053 N/A Single hole 1.5 - M8 - with Alum. holder  
TS365054 N/A Single hole 1.5 - Taper  
TS365055 N/A 19-hole - w/o coating  
TS365056 N/A 19-hole - with Titanium coat  
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