Model GET Part # Replaces # Description Image
  TS360003 TS1008 Tension Pad (Plate)  
ZA TS360004 620475 Tucker Shaft 250 cm  
ZA TS360005 620476 Tucker Shaft 280 cm  
ZA TS360006 620479 Tucker Shaft 340 cm  
ZA TS360007 612214-B Cloth Roller Gear / Plastic  
ZA TS360008 612214 - SP Plate for above gear  
ZA TS360009 612205 - C 25 tooth Change Gear  
ZA TS360010 Pick Gears Per Tooth  
  TS360011 612151 Clutch  
  TS360012 332382 Divider Plastic  
  TS360013 43981 Brass Bush  
ZA TS360021 650651 Short Drive Shaft / Tucker  
ZA TS360022 651860-B Long Drive Shaft / Tucker  
ZA TS360023 651859-B Middle Drive Shaft / Tucker  
ZA TS360024 650681 Gripper Shaft  
ZA TS360025 650680 Gripper Shaft  
ZA TS360026 650677-AA Cam lever Shaft  
ZA TS360027 650676-BA Cam lever Shaft  
ZA TS360028 636121 Adjustment Bar  
ZA TS360029 650678 Needle Shaft  
ZA TS360030 412033000 Needle Shaft  
ZA TS360041 2879W711 29 Tooth Gear  
ZA TS360042 2879W711 36 Tooth Gear  
ZA TS360043 128B31 60 Tooth Gear  
ZA TS360044 2879Y461 RH Back Roll End Shaft  
ZA TS360045 650-727-B Idle Gear Pin  
ZA TS360046 76 mm Speed Pulley  
ZA TS360047 84 mm Speed Pulley  
ZA TS360048 85 mm Speed Pulley  
ZA TS360049 91 mm Speed Pulley  
ZA TS360050 656528-D Cutter Base  
ZA TS360061 660054-01 Cable  
ZA TS360062 116559681-B Cable  
ZA TS360063 630723-73 Cable  
ZA TS360064 655823-B Wire Holder Pin  
ZA TS360065 655822 Wire End  
ZA TS360067 F 18374902 Shaft 172 mm  
ZA TS360068 660319 Hook  
ZA TS360069 660314C Handle  
ZA TS360070 650727-B Idle Gear Pin  
ZA TS360081 BE-015030-B Washer  
ZA TS360082 651400-B Gripper Head Pin  
  TS360110 609721 Fiber Bush  
  TS360112 F29446426 DRC Connector  
  TS360114 624431 Gripper Pcs  
  TS360118 608389B Easing Rod  
  TS360120 608390B Adjusting Bolt  
  TS360124 608391D Rod End  
  TS360125 BL902006B Rod End, RH  
  TS360128 BL902006C Rod End, LH  
  TS360130 636197BA Harness Guide, 2 Sides  
  TS360132 617191B Main Drum Cover  
  TS360138 623113D Holder Pcs  
  TS360140 624477C Guide Bar Holder  
  TS360141 626272 H1 Feeler Head Complete  
  TS360142 626372C H1 Feeler Cable  
  TS360143 626372H H1 Feeler Head  
  TS360144 627581E H2 Feeler Head  
  TS360145 626373 H2 Feeler Head  
  TS360146 626372/T H1 Feeler Head Complete, Thin  
  TS360147 626372TH H1 Feeler Head, Thin  
  TS360148 626373C H2 Feeler Cable  
  TS360170 BN602025A Needle Bearing  
  TS360172 BP003030A Dry Metal  
  TS360174 BT516046 Bush  
  TS360176 BU635195A Return Spring  
  TS360180 BZ902005A Spring Tension Assy  
  TS360200 BZ923603 End Router  
  TS360204 BZ926504 Yarn Roller  
  TS360310 EB21108A Proximity Switch  
  TS360314 EP07023C Pilot Lamp Assy  
ZA TS362012 650795B Tuck-in Needle-Left  
ZA TS362013 650796B Tuck-in Needle-Right  
  TS364001 624311 Brass Cutter  
  TS364002 624247-71 Mobile Cutter  
  TS364003 624604-71 Mobile Cutter  
  TS364004 624154-72 Cutter  
  TS364005 624871-70 Cutter  
ZA TS365050 6045976B Single hole 1.5 - M8  
ZA TS365051 N/A Single hole 1.5 - M6


ZA TS365053 60459878 Single hole 1.5 - M8 - with Alum. holder  
ZA TS365054 N/A Single hole 1.5 - Taper  
ZA TS365055 N/A Single hole 1.5 - M8 - Nitrogen harding  
ZA TS365055-T N/A Single hole 1.5 - M8 - Teflon coat  
  TS365062 652208-70 Stretch Nozzle  
ZA TS366001 620205-75 Leno Bobbin  
ZA TS366002 T6Z0302-57 Leno Bobbin Holder Assy  
  TS366003 620393B Spring Pin Stopper LH  
  TS366004 620394B Spring Pin Stopper RH  
  TS366005 620302-11 Leno Bobbin Assy LH  
  TS366006 620302-12 Leno Bobbin Assy RH  
  TS366008 BU404051A Tension Spring  
  TS366009 BZ92201 Yarn Guide  
  TS366010 620395 Leno Pin Plastic  
  TS366012 620280B Tension Lever  
  TS366013 620281-70 Yarn Guide Lever  
ZAX TS366014 N/A Coil Tension Spring ZAX  
  TS366015 655469-01 Yarn Guide Wire  
  TS366036 620287 Leno Feeler Holder Pin  
  TS366131 620277-01 Leno Gear  
  TS366132 656489 Planetary Gear  
  TS366135 620259F Dust Cover  
  TS369004 ED01088 Solenoid Valve, Small  
  TS369005 ED01099 Solenoid Valve, Sml  
      Individual Parts for ED01099 Available  
  TS369007 BZ944015 Filter Element, Brass  
  TS369008 BZ944014 Filter Element, Red  
  TS369010 ED98003 Return Spring  
  TS369012 ED98007 Plunger Assy  
  TS369013 ED98007(01) Wear Ring  
  TS369014 ED98007(02) Damper, Washer  
  TS369060 ED98019 Core Assy  
  TS369150 ED01047F Solenoid Valve, Large  
      Individual Parts for ED01047F Available  
  TS369154 ED98011 Return Spring  
  TS369155 ED98014(01) Wear Ring (Sheath) for ED01047F  
  TS369156 ED98014(02) Damper, Washer  
  TS369157 ED98014 Plunger Assy  
  TS369158 ED98013 Core Assy  
  TS369201 BZ942901 Valve, Small  
  TS369202 BZ942902 Valve, Large  
  TS369203 BZ942903 Small Valve, Sml  
  TS369206 BZ942922 Diaphragm, Sml  
  TS369207 BZ942921 Diaphragm, Lg  
  TS369270 BA942011A Regulator  
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